Sisters and Co-founders enjoying all that Sugar Mama Shimmer can do!

We are so excited you are here!

Sugar Mama Shimmer is 100% edible glitter that can be added to your food or drinks to make it shimmer and sparkle! Made with all FDA approved ingredients, Sugar Mama Shimmer does not add any texture or flavor, only the color and sparkle. We also love it on food too! It's fabulous sprinkled on top of cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, whipped cream and more. Our shimmer is guaranteed to make your cocktails and mocktails more fun! BTW, drinks without shimmer are canceled.

We are sisters (Lindsay on the left & Lacey on the right) who founded this company in 2020 because of our love for all things shimmery and because the world desperately needed to have more fun! We grew up in a dance studio in the Midwest wearing all things that sparkled, so we are not shocked that this is where we landed. It’s true what they say – you can never completely get rid of glitter. And for us no truer words have ever been spoken!

We hope our drink shimmer makes you as happy as it does us!

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