Princess Party Bundle - Sugar Mama Shimmer

Princess Party Bundle

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Princess Party Bundle is perfect for your little mermaid-princess-unicorn. Add Sugar Mama Shimmer edible drink glitter to birthday party drinks - it is sure to be a hit!  Princess Party Bundle includes:

Violet Vibes Shimmer

Purple is the color of royalty. So straighten your crown and add shimmer to your drink.  Pinkies up, Queen.

Girl Power Pink Shimmer

On Wednesdays we shimmer pink. Who are we kidding? We shimmer pink any chance we get.  Pink best shimmers in lemonade, cosmopolitans, clear sodas, donuts, and pink sorbet…while wearing a pair of Hot Pink Pumps.  It is also fabulous on unicorn birthday cakes!

Mermaid Water Teal Shimmer

This teal shimmer is as beautiful as the sea and will make you feel like you are living in paradise! A kid favorite, our teal shimmer is great for punch, cupcakes, ice cream and any clear rum cocktails.

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