Boyfriend Bundle - Sugar Mama Shimmer

Boyfriend Bundle

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Edible glitter for drinks!  Boyfriend Bundle includes this set of 3 drink shimmers:

Electric Beach Blue Shimmer

Electric Beach Blue reminds us of Spring Break - the water, the sky, and the excitement that summer is on its way! We LOVE this color in lemon-lime soda or your favorite soda water!

INGREDIENTS: Mica-Based Pearlescent, Dextrose, Blue 1, 2 Lake, Red 3.

Cha Cha Red Shimmer

ChaCha Red the symbol of love. And boy will you love this red shimmer. We suggest red shimmer in your red wine, on red fruit, and on top of your whipped peppermint macchiato.

INGREDIENTS: Mica-Based Pearlescent, Dextrose, Red 40 Lake, Blue 1 Lake.

Glow Up Green Shimmer

Glow Up Green is a staple color for two of our favorite holidays. So whether you shamrock shimmer your beer or Christmas up your cocktail (is that even a thing?), you will get tons of enjoyment from our festive green shimmer

INGREDIENTS: Mica-Based Pearlescent, Dextrose, Yellow 5, Blue 1, 2 Lake.

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